Sales Companion - Designing for flexibility

TravPro Mobile is an american brand that offers business to business solutions for travel organisations around the world. TravPro Mobile supports travel agents by offering online training programs and valuable resources that may help while selling travels. These solutions are packed in a platform called the Sales Companion, which is accessible via web and mobile.

Together with my internship partner Mattia Vorstenbosch we took up the challenge to reinvent the current Sales Companion from the ground up. This meant redesigning the workflow from scratch with a strong focus on user experience and flexibility. It was important to make it flexible not only visually, but internally by others in my team (front and back end development). This means the platform is scalable and adaptable to different client needs and sizes. Working together with around 3 developers, we managed to build a prototype of the new Sales Companion in about 6 months in React (js) and React Native frameworks. The back end of the platform was unchanged.

mobile mockup web mockup

Analyzing the old platform

After analyzing the old platform, I noticed a lot of core functions could be rethought. The user flow for example confused newcomers as it didn’t strictly follow conventions and many items were placed under illogical subpages. Old menu layouts changed from page to page, and certain key features (such as contact information) was buried behind pages such as fast facts.

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Design process

For quick sketching and mockups I used Indesign. Photo editing was done in Photoshop. During the production process I created prototypes in various apps including: MarvelApp, InvisionApp, and Finally Origami Studio. During the creation I did user tests and worked alongside the client's feedback.

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Early in the design phase I presented 3 stylescapes to the client to get a feel of the direction we wanted to go

Stylescape 1

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Stylescape 2

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Tech Preview

Currently there's a prototype live which you can test out

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